S3 Offers YOU the opportunity to join forces and became a successful entrepreneur

S3 will help the candidate by teaching how to structure his company, as an independent subsidiary or as a DBA of S3. We already have licenses for General Construction, Plumbing, Painting, Framing, Roofing, that you can use as part of S3 DBA Group.

What we Offer

A Freedom Opportunity for Entrepreneurship’s

The construction / service industry is in an all time high but there is a big scarcity of skilled labor force, and the abysmal pay difference between the person who actually does the job and the person who keeps the profit creates a great business opportunity.
Based on several studies done trough out the country, the number one problem facing the construction industry today is the Skilled Labor Shortage and the inequality of profit distribution.

“WHY is it that the trades men does close to 90% of the labor to complete the job but yet, he only gets to keep roughly 14% of the profit”.

S3 is in the business of creating VALUE. We manage business headaches and free the entrepreneur to get more business. We will run, take care, and manage the unknown of running a business, freeing the entrepreneur to do what he does best, “His trade”.

We Offer

What Sets us Apart: 

(USP : Unique Selling Proposition)

S3 provides Systematic ongoing Mentoring and coaching to create a successful long term business plan.
We mentor the entrepreneur in a weekly and monthly basis, or as much as needed, this in order to guarantee his success.
“We have invested interest; our success depends on our partners success”



S3 Hedges Against Uncertainty

Trough an innovative hedge plan developed by S3, the Client can receive financial help if the business is slow and financial help is need it.

Share Economy

S3 will have a centralize fully equipped office that will be for the exclusive usage of all of its clients.


Technology is a major tool to increase efficiency and productivity in the construction industry, unfortunately the cost of these tools are quite high and the small business owner is not able to afford it,

S3 will provide access to

Document management software
Estimating software
Project management software
Fleet tracking/management software

Profit Sharing Program

Profit sharing, Split sharing of profits. Based on production, clients will receive company shares.

S3 is surrounded with managers that share the companies vision, who are passionate capable and dedicated to making the team succeed.

At S3 everyone is part owner of the company and we share the same vision,



How does S3 creates value?

This is for the entrepreneur individual who believes in himself but does not know the legality of setting up a business; how employee payroll works, corporate taxes, employee insurance, how to write contracts and estimate jobs, how to do a business plan and set yearly and monthly goals or perhaps lacks the funds to start a business.

This opportunity is for that highly skilled individual who is great and loves what he does but is overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. Also for people who did not financially prepare himself for retirement and unfortunately has nothing to show for. S3 can change all that.

Highly Skilled and Motivated Individuals

Property Managers

Small Business Owners

Whoever can obtain Construction Contracts

Project Managers

Real Estate Agents or Brokers

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